science and art unite for the planet

about ouroboros


Premiered june 25, 2018

Off The Hook Arts: Summerfest 2018
Colorado, USA


Artists & Producers

Kate Doyle, Chris Clay, Ivan Stanek



Owen Sabella


Designed to celebrate life on earth, to understand the interconnectedness of earth systems and their delicate balance, the Ouroboros Project combines dazzling NASA satellite imagery with artists’ own pictorial work to raise awareness for climate change and to create a call for action.

Originated by Kate Doyle and originally produced in collaboration with Chris Clay and Ivan Stanek, Ouroboros premiered as a walkthrough sculpture composed of five interconnected chambers developed by a collaborative team of hot-blooded bipeds, including artists, scientists, and people from multiple walks of life.

The NASA data visualizations play with the artists’ video projections, still photographs, music, and sounds from earth and space. There are real-time generated light forms, stylized animations, and impressionistic images depicting earth’s climate systems, its atmosphere, and ocean currents. These patterns exist in other places, at other sizes, doing other things, from the cosmic to the microscopic.



into the future


Coming soon

Educational Programs

Forums for Change

Virtual Reality App


We intend Ouroboros to travel to educational institutions and museums and to offer it to the public free of charge. We aim to present Ouroboros to a wide audience: to people of all ages and backgrounds, to a potential audience of 500,000 at the 2019 Venice Biennale, to a global gathering through cyberspace. The project will continue as a self-sustaining, flexible and scalable traveling show for years to come.

We plan to offer an interactive online educational program that will be continually updated as new data becomes available. The long-term goal is to work with and support the international efforts to find solutions to climate change threats; to provide information and ask for solutions; to invite conversations in actual forums; to present an internet platform through which a truly international conversation is possible; to create a VR app.